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When it comes to choosing whether LASIK is right for you, you may be wondering how to decide whether or not to ditch your glasses or contacts. It can be helpful to weigh the benefits and challenges of

Choosing Your Ideal Vision Solution

When it comes time to weigh your options, it’s important to look at both the pros and cons of any potential vision solution. That way, you have a realistic view of which option might fit you and your life best, as well as any challenges you may need to deal with along the way. Whether you’re looking at LASIK vs glasses or LASIK vs contacts, you should think about the following factors before making your final decision.

Activity Level

One important factor to consider is how active your lifestyle is and whether you find that your current vision solution works for your activities. If you play sports, for example, or frequently spend time outdoors, it’s likely that glasses are a bit of a hindrance. Glasses can slip or fog up when you sweat, and a rainy day outdoors can make seeing through your glasses quite a challenge. If you’re a swimmer, you certainly can’t wear your glasses in the pool. For a runner or a dancer, glasses are also out of the question as they’re more likely to fall right off of your face.

For people with an active lifestyle, contacts work better than glasses during most activities since they won’t fog up. However, they can still slip out of place, or even pop out, potentially rendering you temporarily visually impaired. They also are not recommended in any type of water, so swimming can be a challenge. Contact lenses can be uncomfortable for some people with dry eyes or allergies, and there’s a higher risk of eye irritation and redness—particularly while outdoors in the elements. Additionally, being able to adjust your contact lenses requires excellent hygienic practices, which can be difficult while you’re out and about.

Unlike contacts or glasses, LASIK can help permanently correct your vision, without the need for anything additional on or around your eyes. That means that you can get up in the morning and walk out the door for any activity in any location without worrying about your vision correction getting in the way. Go for a swim, head out for a hike, enjoy an evening run, or spend the weekend skiing without worrying about adjusting your glasses or keeping your contacts clean and in place. LASIK frees you from having to worry about your vision solution. Instead, you get to enjoy your activities, wherever you are.


The truth is that every vision correction solution is expensive, so it’s really about when you’re willing and able to make the bulk of the payments. As you consider whether LASIK, glasses, or contacts are the right solution for you, think about the cost of your vision correction over a lifetime. In the short term, glasses are the least expensive option, although they can still be quite costly. If you have vision insurance, it may help pay for eye exams and one set of frames per year, but that’s usually where the benefits end. Glasses are prone to breaking, or getting scratched or damaged, and at that point the costs will be up to you. You may also need to pay for prescription sunglasses, specialized lenses, and any additional pairs of glasses you may want or need.

Contact lenses are also quite costly, and become more expensive the more complicated your prescription. Even if you have vision insurance and it covers part of the costs, your out of pocket expenses can be significant. Moreover, contact lenses are consumable, and so they need to be constantly replaced to ensure your eyes stay healthy. You’ll also need to buy contact solution and cleaning cases to take proper care of your contacts. Because you have to get a yearly supply, along with the proper supplies, contacts are usually the most expensive vision correction solution over the long term.

Some people are thrown off by the cost of LASIK because it is more expensive upfront. Looking at the cost of the procedure, it may make it seem like the most expensive option, but when you take into account the lifetime cost of glasses or contacts, LASIK actually saves most people money. In fact, for many people, LASIK can be a significant savings in the long run because it is a permanent solution for many eye conditions. Once the surgery is over, you don’t have the ongoing costs that you’d incur with contacts or glasses. You may also qualify for financing solutions that will make your LASIK costs more affordable for you and your budget.


One of the biggest considerations is how well your vision solution works for you and your life. Do you spend valuable time every morning cleaning and putting in your contacts? Do you frequently misplace your glasses and have to spend precious time hunting them down? Have you found that traveling with contacts or glasses is more trouble than you’d like to deal with? If you have found that glasses or contact lenses have been more of a hassle than a help in your life, you might want to consider LASIK.

LASIK saves you from all that worry. When you wake up in the morning after your LASIK procedure, you don’t have to search for your glasses or head right to the bathroom to put in your contacts. Instead, you can just get up and go about your day. You won’t have to make sure your glasses are clean and your prescription sunglasses are safely in your bag. You won’t have to make sure you have contact lens solution with you everywhere you go, just in case a contact pops out or something gets in your eye and irritates your contact. You won’t have to pack all those extra supplies in your bag when you travel. You’ll just be able to enjoy the ease of surgically improved vision that lasts.


Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to take your comfort into account. Consider both your physical comfort as well as your emotional comfort with your vision correction solution. You’ll need to be physically comfortable in your daily life, but you also need to feel comfortable and happy with the option you choose.

Glasses can serve as eye protection, but they may also be uncomfortable at times, depending on the design and the weight of your frames. Your nose may get sore where the glasses rest, and the backs of your ears may ache at times. Depending on your lifestyle, you might also find that glasses get in the way or become especially uncomfortable in certain situations.

Contact lenses can also be uncomfortable, and you might find your eyes are itchy, dry, or red when you wear contacts. Your eyes may become irritated more easily, and you are at a higher risk of eye infections and eye damage. You may find you feel uncomfortable with the increased risks of eye infections or damage, and you may even feel uncomfortable about the amount of waste produced with disposable contact lenses.

With LASIK, you will have to get comfortable with the idea of eye surgery, as well as the very small risks that come with a surgical procedure. You may also experience side effects after the surgery, including temporary dry eye or issues with your night vision. However, the risks associated with LASIK are incredibly small—smaller than those associated with contact lenses, in fact. Additionally, side effects are typically temporary and improve as your eyes heal. Still, it’s important to be informed and speak with your eye surgeon about the risks for you.

Making Your Decision: LASIK vs Glasses vs Contacts

As you can see, making the decision about LASIK vs glasses vs contacts is a very personal choice. It depends on your unique life and a number of different factors and preferences you should consider carefully before making your final choice. However, for most patients, LASIK has the greatest benefits and fewest challenges. If you’re interested in learning more about LASIK eye surgery and how it could change your life, find an experienced eye surgeon to discuss your options.

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