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Searching for surgeons you can trust with your LASIK surgery procedure? You’ll find that Dello Russo Laser Vision is the Northeast’s premier eye care provider. The experienced doctors at Dello Russo Laser Vision have performed more than 165,000 corrective surgical procedures during their combined careers.

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Dello Russo Laser Vision has plenty of hands-on experience when it comes to performing LASIK surgery and other corrective vision procedures. Not only do the Dello Russo Laser Vision doctors have experience with performing these surgeries, but they’ve also been instrumental in developing them.

In fact, Dello Russo Laser Vision’s founding doctor, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, was involved in introducing corrective laser eye surgery in the 1990s. During this time, he bought the world’s first laser intended for vision correction and contributed immensely to research and implementation of the procedure.

Since then, the doctors of Dello Russo Laser Vision have continued to stay on the cutting edge of available technologies. They’ve continued to refine existing procedures while developing new, modern procedures to correct vision. Their dedication to the field helps them provide the best care for your eyes — and the best experience for you.

If you are interested in laser vision correction, please peruse the pages identified below to learn more about the services available.

The Doctors Of Dello Russo Laser Vision

Dello Russo Laser Vision prides itself on the quality of its doctors. With more than 30 years of LASIK surgery experience, the doctors of Dello Russo Laser Vision are top rated.

Schedule a consultation and one of the qualified doctors at Dello Russo Laser Vision can help you identify and achieve your vision goals.

Doctor Profiles

Get to know the doctors at Dello Russo Laser Vision. Visit the doctors’ personal pages to read their extensive biographies and learn more about their corrective laser eye surgery experience.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo is one of a handful of ophthalmologists responsible for bringing LASIK surgery to the United States. Since purchasing the first laser for eye surgeries in the world in 1987, he’s worked to refine the procedure. In that time, he’s completed over 160,000 procedures and become one of the top three most productive eye surgeons in the country.

Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo

A graduate of Tufts University and New York Medical College, Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo was the first surgeon to perform LASIK surgery in the greater New York area. Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo was involved in both the creation and the implementation of bladeless LASIK surgery. He has also been a key figure in the development of treatment standards for both LASIK and PRK eye surgeries.

When is LASIK eye surgery right for you?

Still debating whether LASIK surgery is the right choice for you and your eyes? You may be a good candidate for LASIK surgery if:

  • You are mildly or moderately nearsighted or farsighted.
  • You have astigmatism.
  • Your corneas are thick enough to allow for the needed flap to be created.
  • Your corneas are symmetrical in shape.
  • You have no history of eye disease or chronic dry eye.

LASIK surgery is often a good choice for healthy men and women who are over the age of 20. Contact the doctors at Dello Russo Laser Vision to better determine if LASIK is the right choice for you.

Corrective laser eye surgery at Dello Russo Laser Vision

LASIK surgery is not the only available ophthalmic surgery to help correct your vision. If your consultation with the doctors at Dello Russo Laser Vision determines LASIK surgery isn’t the right approach for you, you may have other options. The ophtalmologists at Dello Russo Laser Vision can help identify what corrective laser surgery is best for you.

Whatever your corrective surgery needs may be, Dello Russo Laser Vision is there to help. We offer cutting-edge correction laser eye surgery techniques to help you achieve your vision goals.

Custom LASIK
Bladeless LASIK
Wavefront mapping
LASIK financing

Custom LASIK surgery

Dello Russo Laser Vision understands that your eyes are unique to you. A custom LASIK procedure takes into account the exact needs your eyes have. Dello Russo Laser Vision has built their practice around innovation and personalizing procedures to patients.

Even if you’ve thought you weren’t a candidate for LASIK surgery, you may be. Contact Dello Russo Laser Vision to discuss your eyes and outline a treatment plan that will work for you.

When it comes to custom LASIK eye surgery, no two procedures will be the same. As a result, no two procedures will cost the same. Meet the doctors at Dello Russo Laser Vision to discuss your needs at a complimentary consultation. From there, they’ll be able to design a custom treatment plan and discuss cost and financing options.

Bladeless LASIK eye surgery

Wondering if a bladeless LASIK procedure is right for you? If you’ve been researching LASIK eye surgery, you likely know the first step involves a small cut with a blade. Bladeless LASIK procedures use an IntraLase Laser to make the initial cornea flap needed for LASIK surgery.

If you’ve been putting off LASIK surgery because you aren’t sure it’s right for you, you may want to consider a bladeless procedure. Bladeless procedures have the following benefits:

  • Allow for more precise measurements.
  • Give your doctor additional control over the procedure.
  • Avoid any adverse effects that can come with using a blade in a traditional procedure.

You may have heard bladeless LASIK surgery referred to as IntraLase, iLASIK, or All-laser LASIK surgery. They’re all the same procedure with different names. As technology has developed, it’s become the preferred standard for LASIK procedures.

Like other procedures offered by Dello Russo Laser Vision, your bladeless LASIK procedure will be custom to you and your needs. Contact Dello Russo Laser Vision to schedule a complimentary consultation and discuss the procedure, projected cost, and financing options available.

Wavefront mapping

Wavefront mapping is a diagnostic tool that creates a picture of your optic system. It can serve to help diagnose vision issues and helps identify your vision needs. This can help the doctors create the perfect treatment plan.

This technology — also known as wavefront analyzing — uses a special sensor to precisely measure and locate any eye imperfections or anomalies. This allows your laser eye surgery procedure to be more accurate and more effective.

Moving forward with a wavefront mapping procedure can helps your doctor provide you with a more personalized treatment. It can also help better establish the cost of your procedure. Come in for your complimentary consultation to meet with the doctors and put together a treatment approach that will work for you.

Financing a LASIK surgery procedure

Dello Russo Laser Vision prides itself on providing quality care for your vision at an affordable price. Competitively priced payment plans are possible at Dello Russo Laser Vision. A financing specialist is available to help accommodate your vision and budget goals.

Payment plans aren’t the only option when it comes to financing your LASIK surgery. Many insurance providers offer discounts on LASIK surgery costs. Contact your insurance company directly to learn more about what kind of financing might be available to you through your current plan.

Your employer may also have programming for you to take advantage of. Flex spending accounts can be a great way to help finance your LASIK surgery. Using flex spending accounts, patients have saved up to $2,000 on their LASIK surgery.

Military members and police officers have access to additional discounts on their LASIK surgery procedures. Contact Dello Russo Laser Vision and mention your service to learn more about any available discounts.

Additional financing options

Have additional financing needs? You may be interested to know that Dello Russo Laser Vision works with ALPHAEON. This program uses deferred interest to allow patients to pay for their procedure over a longer period of time.

ALPHAEON provides financing to even those with less-than-perfect credit scores. Funds are instantly available and credit terms are easy to understand.

If you’re looking for more options with deferred interest, Dello Russo Laser Vision also works with Care Credit. Qualifying purchases of $200 or more can opt into deferred credit for up to 24 months. Great for many kinds of healthcare purchases, Care Credit is subject to credit approval and a monthly payment is required.

Wells Fargo can also be a financing option for your LASIK procedure. Contact Dello Russo Laser Vision to be put in touch with a financing specialist and identify a payment option that works for you.

Dello Russo Laser Vision locations

Dello Russo Laser Vision offers several convenient locations to best serve their clients. With offices in New Jersey, Manhattan, Long Island, and Brooklyn, you can have access to the great quality care wherever you live in the Northeast..

LASIK surgery can change the way you see the world. Contact the offices today to best determine which location will work for you and to arrange your complimentary consultation.