Our LASIK Eye Surgery Equipment

At Dello Russo Laser Vision, we are committed to using the latest advanced LASIK technology to best ensure we provide supreme quality vision correction results for our patients. Our World Class LASIK surgeons remain at the cutting edge of ophthalmological advances. Our state-of-the-art facilities and LASIK eye surgery equipment allow us to remain at the forefront of the field. Read on to learn how each of our LASIK surgery machines provide precise and personalized vision correction for our patients.


Our Dello Russo Laser Vision locations are proud to use the LADARVision® Wavefront Custom Cornea System to provide custom LASIK procedures. The unsurpassed technological excellence offered by this FDA-approved process combines state-of-the-art wavefront mapping with LADARVision’s flying spot excimer laser and active tracking system. Combined, this system provides accuracy in custom cornea treatment that is unrivaled, allowing us to provide superior LASIK visual outcomes.

The LADARVision Wavefront technology creates a highly detailed, three-dimensional map of your eyes’ unique aberrations. This allows your eye surgeon to target both lower and higher order aberrations for precise treatment and results. Additionally, LADARVision’s excimer laser and tracking system allow highly accurate positioning of the laser as it reshapes your cornea. The Custom Cornea technique allows your surgeon to remove very small levels of corneal tissue with this LASIK eye surgery equipment for excellent vision correction results.

Alcon Wavelight

We are also pleased to use the Alcon Wavelight® Refractive Suite to provide our expert surgeons with an intuitive, efficient workflow for personalized topography-guided LASIK procedures. The Wavelight® TOPOLYZER® Vario Diagnostic Device provides topography, keratometry, and pupillometry in one device, giving your eye surgeon a precise map of your cornea with immediate visibility of visual defects.

In addition, the modernized hardware in this LASIK surgery machine includes ergonomic additions that improve efficiency and comfort for the surgeon. This system reduces procedure time, improving patient comfort as well.

This LASIK eye surgery technology can deliver one of the fastest refractive procedures in the United States, allowing surgeons to take the surgical experience to the next level. Together with the Wavelight TOPOLYZER Vario Diagnostic Device, the Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite provides a single modern integrated platform of multiple laser vision correction systems all in one. Dello Russo Laser Vision is currently the only New York laser center using Vario to treat astigmatism.

Ex500 Contoura

For topography-guided vision correction, Dello Russo Laser Vision also uses the Wavelight® Ex500 Contoura Vision. This laser offers a wide range of customization options using the corneal mapping data unique to each patient, making it perfect for providing custom LASIK surgery treatment. It allows for personalized treatment, so our surgeons can use the specialized LASIK eye surgery technology to provide precise vision correction with fewer side effects.

This LASIK surgery machine also offers a significant advantage to patients who experience issues like light sensitivity, halos, starbursts, and glare that makes driving at night difficult. Patients with glasses and contact lenses that have these side effects typically experience improvement in these symptoms after treatment with the Wavelight Ex500 Contoura.

IntraLase FS

All four of our Dello Russo Laser Vision offices use the IntraLase FS to create the corneal flap required for LASIK. Rather than using a traditional blade, the IntraLase FS is a femtosecond laser that allows our eye surgeons to create a thinner corneal flap with predictably uniform thickness. As such, this laser means that even patients with thinner corneas, unusual curvature, or high prescriptions may be able to qualify for our bladeless LASIK surgery, even if they were previously not good candidates for conventional LASIK.

Additionally, the IntraLase FS offers the advantage of quicker recovery time, which also translates to more rapid visual recovery. The high degree of predictability and precision also reduces side effects like dry eye, and results in fewer retreatments. This safer, more exact approach means our surgeons can create a flap that’s personalized to your eye. Customized treatment like this results in the best vision outcomes for our patients.

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At Dello Russo Laser Vision, we invest in the best, safest, and latest technology available so that we can provide you with superior vision correction results. You can trust that all of the technology in our offices is advanced and aids our surgeons in providing excellent results for our patients. Patients who are interested in a custom LASIK treatment using particular LASIK eye surgery equipment should let our team know when scheduling their first appointment.

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