Weighing Your Procedure Options: LASIK vs PRK
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When it comes to surgically correcting your vision, you do have some options. If you’ve already consulted with your doctor, you may be trying to select the procedure of your choice. Before you make your final decision, you’ll want to know more about LASIK vs PRK procedures.

How are LASIK and PRK procedures alike?

Both the LASIK and PRK procedures are laser surgeries. They’re both designed to improve your vision by making alterations to the eye’s lens. And they both address astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.  Whether you choose to go with a LASIK or PRK procedure, your end results will be similar.

You can expect a period of recovery time after both procedures. However, they’re both considered outpatient procedures and you’ll be able to go home immediately afterwards. The actual procedures take very little time and can lead to dramatic vision improvements.

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LASIK vs PRK Procedure - Dello Russo Laser Vision

Where LASIK and PRK differ?

When it comes to LASIK vs PRK, the biggest difference you’ll see is at the very beginning of the procedure. In a LASIK procedure, your doctor will use a laser to make a small slice that results in a thin flap on the cornea. This flap can then be lifted and your doctor will reshape your eye to allow for better vision.

With a PRK procedure, this first step looks a little different. Rather than creating a flap, this top piece is simply removed. This gives your doctor the same access to the eye to allow for the necessary option. Afterward, it’s not replaced and the eye is left to heal on its own.

Of course, there’s a corresponding difference in the expected healing time. With the LASIK procedure, the flap is replaced and the eye doesn’t have to do quite as much to recover. This means you can expect your overall healing time to be less.

The PRK procedure, on the other hand, involves generating a greater amount of new cells. This slows down the recovery and means you’ll need to expect your eyes to take longer to recover. Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK, though, and PRK does allow for more extensive treatment of the eye.

In addition to the healing time, the PRK procedure is slightly more likely to run into post-procedure complications during healing. This is simply because the healing is more extensive. LASIK patients do tend to report less pain during the healing period as well.

LASIK vs PRK: Which is right for you?

You may find yourself wondering which procedure is better. The truth is that there’s not a winner in the LASIK vs PRK debate. They are both tried and true, great options for surgically correcting a vision deficiency.

There will be, however, a procedure that’s right for you. Take the time to talk with your doctor about your vision goals, lifestyle, and needs, to determine which procedure will suit you best.

Looking for a qualified doctor to help you make your choice? Schedule a consultation with the ophthalmologist at Dello Russo Laser Vision. We can help you identify your needs and reach your vision goals. LASIK vs PRK doesn’t have to be a hard decision with the right guidance, and that’s where we come in.