Common Vision Problems

Your vision is an essential part of your everyday life. Regardless of your age, experiencing vision impairment is not uncommon. In fact, the older you become, the more likely you’ll experience some degree of vision loss.

LASIK surgery is rapidly becoming one of the most popular solutions for a range of common vision problems. Wondering what vision problems can be corrected by LASIK? We’ll discuss the most common vision issues that can be corrected with LASIK, as well as what to expect with the surgery.

What Vision Problems Can Be Corrected By LASIK?

Different vision problems require different solutions, and each patient’s eyes are unique. While LASIK can address an impressive range of vision issues, it can’t address every vision problem or patient. However, LASIK does provide a sound solution to many of the most common vision problems. Let’s take a look at which conditions can be treated by LASIK.

Myopia — Nearsightedness

If you have myopia, your eyeball may be longer than average, or your cornea may curve too sharply. This causes light rays to focus in front of the retina. As a result, close objects will appear sharp, while objects in the distance will look blurry. LASIK for nearsightedness can reshape your cornea, flattening the curve of your cornea for improved distance vision.

Hyperopia — Farsightedness

Hyperopia — Farsightedness
If you have hyperopia, your eyeball may be shorter than average, or you may have a cornea that’s too flat. This causes light to focus behind the retina. As a result, objects close to you will appear blurry, while those in the distance will be clearer. Sometimes there is also some blurriness in distance vision. LASIK for farsightedness can reshape your cornea, steepening the curve of your cornea for improved near vision.


If you have astigmatism, your cornea curves or flattens unevenly, interrupting the focus of near and distant vision. LASIK for astigmatism can reshape your cornea with the even curvature required for clear vision.


If you have presbyopia, your internal lens loses elasticity, stiffening, and changing shape, typically due to age. This makes it difficult to focus on close-up objects, like reading fine print. Presbyopia is one of the most common vision problems after age 40. Monovision LASIK helps by allowing the surgeon to fully correct the distance vision in the dominant eye while making the other eye slightly nearsighted. This provides sharper near vision.

Why LASIK Works for Common Vision Problems

LASIK surgery allows your eye surgeon to fix imperfections with your cornea. This gives you a similar result to wearing glasses or contact lenses while sparing you the inconvenience of having to wear your vision correction. These laser corrections in the curvature of your cornea allow the light to be properly refracted, so you experience consistently better vision with your own eyes.

Advanced LASIK techniques give your eye surgeon precise control over the corrections they make to your cornea. At Dello Russo Laser Vision, our World Class LASIK Surgeons have the experience and expertise to offer excellent solutions to common vision problems.

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