Lasik Patient Information

At Dello Russo Laser Vision, we are committed to helping you find the right laser eye surgery for you. That means providing all of the information you need to help you feel prepared and informed about the details of your vision treatment. Your experience with us should be educational and stress-free.:

Are you looking for LASIK patient information, LASIK resources, and other LASIK information for patients or prospective patients? Read on to find several pages with helpful explanations, answers, and details below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Eye Surgery

Get the information you want about LASIK, PRK, and preparing and recovering from laser eye surgery. Explore our LASIK resources and find answers to your questions below.

Interested in sharpening your eye surgery education by learning more about LASIK technology? Follow the links below to discover more about the technology Dello Russo Laser Vision uses to perform our laser eye surgery procedures.

Your Free Initial Consultation

Dello Russo Laser Vision offers complimentary initial consultations, allowing you to discuss your vision and your future procedure with one of our World Class LASIK Surgeons. We’ve even incorporated video consultations so you can safely consult with our team from the comfort of your home.

Prepare for your appointment by having any concerns or questions ready. Click below for your complimentary video consultation.

Financing Information and Help

Learn more about the costs of our procedures, as well as the financing options available at Dello Russo Laser Vision. You can also check out our military and first responder discounts.

Insurance Information

While LASIK is not typically covered by medical insurance, some plans may provide partial coverage. Our financial specialists can help you find out whether your plan provides any coverage and what your financing options are.

  • Contact us to speak with a financial specialist.

Patient Forms

Below, you’ll find links to the forms you’ll need to fill out before your LASIK or PRK procedure. Make sure you provide all the information you can and sign and date forms accurately to ensure we can provide the best care possible.

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The team at Dello Russo Laser Vision is dedicated to providing you with the eye surgery education you need to feel comfortable ahead of your procedure. If you haven’t found the answer to your question here, or if you need more LASIK patient information, feel free to contact us directly!

We look forward to helping you launch your journey toward improving your vision.