Experience the Freedom and Flexibility of the EVO Visian ICL Lens

Life is all about the details, and we want you to enjoy every single one. EVO Visian ICL is made for people who want to experience life without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses

What is EVO Visian ICL?

EVO Visian ICL, also called an Implantable Collamer® Lens, is a refractive implant to correct common vision issues like myopia
(nearsightedness) with or without astigmatism. Unlike some other vision correction options, the EVO Visian ICL is an additive
technology that corrects vision without the removal of any corneal tissue. The EVO Visian ICL is meant to reduce or eliminate
the need for glasses and contacts and unlike most permanent refractive solutions, EVO Visian ICL is removable by your
doctor, for added peace of mind.

EVO Visian ICL Procedure - What to Expect

EVO Visian ICL is made of bioc ompatible Collamer material that works in harmony with your eye. Your eye doctor will create a small opening in your cornea that will be used to insert and position the EVO Visian ICL. For most patients, the procedure is virtually painless with numbing drops and it typically takes less than 20 - 30 minutes. Patients typically experience improved vision right away and a quick recovery time

Easy 20-30 Minute Surgical Procedure

  • Pre-Op Eye Exam

  • Eye Drops Administered

  • Small Opening

  • Lens Insertion and Positioning

  • Post Op & Check-up

Benefits of EVO Visian ICL

  • Provides clear, sharp vision 1,2
  • 20 to 30 minute procedure
  • Quick recovery time
  • Removable by your doctor
  • Offers UV protection
  • Not visible once in place
  • Can treat nearsightedness with or without astigmatism
  • For patients who may not be candidates for LASIK or other vision correction procedures due to thin corneas 3,4
  • Does not cause dry eye syndrome 5
  • Excellent night vision

Cost and Financing for EVO Visian ICL

The cost of a EVO Visian ICL procedure can vary depending on your personalized treatment plan. Many EVO Visian ICL patients look forward to spending less in the long run with the EVO Visian ICL compared to the continued costs of contacts and glasses. Ask about financing options and payment plans that may be available for your EVO Visian ICL procedure.


“I had my first opportunity to put my Visian ICL eyes to the test recently in the Brazilian
Rainforest, and it couldn’t have been more exciting to be able to spot rare species better than ever.”


“I would never be able to just wake up and
go, and now I can literally just roll out of bed
and go straight to the farmers market.”


*The preceding testimonial is related to a patient implanted with the Visian ICL. The EVO Visian ICL is the latest model with over 1 million lenses sold globally. We are proud to offer this next generation solution for people seeking visual freedom

Is EVO Visian ICL Right for Me

EVO Visian ICL is well-suited for a wide variety of people. Ideal candidates for EVO
Visian ICL are aged 21 to 45 with nearsightedness with or without astigmatism and have
maintained a stable prescription for at least one year. If you are seeking a solution to
decrease or eliminate the cost and frustration of traditional contacts or glasses, EVO
Visian ICL may be your answer. Contact us to discuss if EVO Visian ICL is right for you.

EVO Visian ICL

The EVO Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is an implant that corrects vision without removing any corneal tissue.


LASIK is a two-step laser vision correction surgery where a flap is made on the surface of the eye called the cornea, and the underlying layers are reshaped with an excimer laser to correct vision.


PRK is a laser vision procedure similar to LASIK but no corneal flap is created. The top layer of the cornea called the epithelium is removed, and the underlying tissue is reshaped to correct vision.

Which Option is Right for Me?

This chart breaks down the general candidacy guidelines for each procedure. During your initial consultation, your eye
care professional will discuss your measurements and help you make the right choice depending on your unique vision.

EVO Visian ICL



Nearsightedness Moderate to Severe Mild to Moderate Mild to Moderate
Farsightedness No Yes Yes
Astigmatism Yes Yes Yes
Thin Cornea Yes 3,4 Limited Limited