These days, most of us have a lot of stuff, so many people are looking for alternative gift giving ideas that don’t add to the piles of things sitting around our homes. Giving an experience has become quite popular, as has giving the gift of self-care indulgences. Tickets to a special show are fantastic, and a massage is certainly enjoyable, but what if you could give your loved one the gift of better eyesight? Here’s how to incorporate LASIK eye surgery gift ideas into your holiday gift list for the people you love.

How to give LASIK as a gift

  • Wants LASIK, or a comparable laser eye correction surgery
  • Has met with an eye surgeon to ensure that they are good candidate for LASIK

If you’re unsure of either of these things, part of your gift could be helping your loved one make plans to consult with an eye surgeon. This way, they’ll know for certain if this procedure is the right one for them.

LASIK eye surgery gift ideas

Once you know that the recipient wants LASIK and is eligible for the procedure, it’s time to take the next steps. Obviously, one can’t just package a surgical procedure up in a pretty box though, so if you’re wondering how to give LASIK as a gift, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to go about giving the gift of better vision to someone you care about. Here are some creative and thoughtful LASIK eye surgery gift ideas that work for a variety of budgets.

Make it a group gift

LASIK eye surgery is an investment in a lifetime of improved vision, but it’s also a surgical procedure that should be performed by an experienced eye surgeon. As such, the cost may be more than you can spend on a gift for one person. If that’s the case, consider sharing the LASIK cost with others and make giving the gift of LASIK a group effort.

Splitting the cost of the procedure can help make the gift more manageable for you, and for the other gift givers. It will also be a generous and meaningful gift to give your loved one that shows care for their quality of life. Offer to be the point person and organize communication with the provider to ensure that the recipient isn’t bothered with the details of payment.

Provide support before, during, and after the procedure

Sometimes, the biggest gift you can give doesn’t cost you a dime. One of the most generous LASIK eye surgery gift ideas is to give the gift of support and caregiving throughout the LASIK process. Giving your time and care can often be more meaningful than anything else, whether your budget is stretched or not.

Consider offering to go with your loved one to every appointment, perhaps offering to drive them as well. You can help with any nerves by keeping the recipient as calm and relaxed as possible throughout any appointment before and up until the surgery. After the procedure, you can offer to bring the recipient home and stay with them in the hours following, ensuring that they rest properly. Offer to provide meals so that you’re sure they eat nourishing food and help keep them distracted from any itchy or teary eyes the day of the surgery.

Cover the whole thing

If your budget allows, covering the entire procedure is certainly a generous and significant gift. Not only are you providing a long term vision solution, but you’re also freeing your loved one from the hassles of dealing with contact lenses and eyeglasses every day. You’ll also be saving them from the ongoing costs of contacts and glasses in the future, so the gift of LASIK is truly the gift that keeps giving. To see just how much you could be saving them, use this LASIK cost calculator to calculate the potential savings over a lifetime.

If this is something you’re able to do, speak with the provider about how to organize payment with you so that the recipient of this gift doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

Support a LASIK procedure that’s already in the works

If your loved one has already planned a LASIK procedure, but you’d like to offer gifts that can support their vision improvement journey, there are a few options you can consider. If you know where they’ll be getting the procedure, you can consider surprising the recipient with a gift card or gift certificate that covers part of their costs. You may even be able to just pay ahead for part of the procedure, so they’re surprised at the time of payment by a significantly lower bill. This will require some coordination with the provider, so make sure you communicate ahead of time.

You could also give a care package with items your loved one will need to take good care of their eyes and stay cozy after LASIK surgery. Consider including some of the following items to show thoughtful care and help the recipient during their LASIK recovery period:

  • Excellent sunglasses with 100% UV protection to help protect their healing eyes
  • Eye surgeon recommended artificial tears for keeping their eyes lubricated
  • Their favorite comforting beverages—like tea or sparkling water—to help them stay hydrated
  • A gift card for a car service so that they don’t have to worry about driving until they have the go ahead from their eye surgeon
  • Fashionable eye protection to wear during activities to protect their eyes while they heal
  • Comfortable pajamas or loungewear for the day of the procedure

Why give LASIK as a gift?

Giving the gift of LASIK surgery might seem a little unusual at first, so why consider giving LASIK as a gift to your loved one? Consider the fact that you’re not just making a surgical procedure possible—you’re actually giving the gift of better vision. Once you start to look at it this way, you’ll see that it’s among the best possible gifts you could possibly give. LASIK provides permanent vision correction, helping the recipient of your gift enjoy improved vision for a lifetime. And, since it is an investment in better quality of life, helping someone you care about get this life-changing procedure not only saves them money, but it is truly an act of care.

If you’re still wondering how to give LASIK as a gift, remember that you’re helping someone you care about improve one of their essential senses. Vision correction not only makes things more convenient, but it can truly be revolutionary for many people’s lives. Give the gift of LASIK, and know that you’ll be helping to make the recipient’s life better in a very real way.

LASIK can also be a gift to yourself

Giving the gift of LASIK is not only a way to show care for others, but can also be an incredible act of self-care for you, too. So why give LASIK as a gift to yourself? Your vision is important, and being able to see more clearly can help you in every facet of your life. When you prioritize your vision care, you’re ensuring that you can participate more fully in your life, without having to strain to see all the time. When you invest in LASIK, you no longer have to fuss with contact lenses and eyeglasses. Instead, you’ll enjoy better vision with just your own eyes. That’s definitely a gift you deserve.

If you’ve been struggling with vision problems, set up a consultation with a trusted, experienced eye surgeon to discuss whether LASIK is a good match for you and your eyes. If not, you may have other options, like PRK, for laser vision correction.

Learn more about giving the gift of LASIK

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