Astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness will affect the majority of us at some point in our lives. Luckily, all of these vision issues can be corrected with contact lenses or LASIK eye surgery.

Which option you choose really comes down to you as an individual. Not everyone likes to use contact lenses and not everyone is a suitable candidate for LASIK eye surgery

Here, we look at some of the things to consider when you’re deciding between contact lenses or LASIK.

Contact lenses or LASIK cost over time

Buying contact lenses is a costly business. How much you spend exactly is dependent on your prescription and whether you use disposable or extended-wear lenses.

It’s estimated that, on average, people will spend $400 per year. Over 20 years, that cost adds up to $8,000. This figure does not even take into account the cost of solution to keep your lenses clean, or the cost of all those lenses you lost. Not to mention the additional expense if you need toric lenses. Plus, you will probably need contact lenses for a longer period than 20 years!

Initially, LASIK may seem like a very expensive option. The amount of money to pay out is significantly higher than your yearly bill for contact lenses. However, LASIK requires a one-off payment and you’ll correct your eye problem permanently. No other outlay is needed. In that case, LASIK will pay for itself in less than 20 years. In the longer term, you will actually be saving money.

Is one option safer than the other?

If you had asked an eye specialist 20 years ago whether LASIK was safe, they may have hesitated before answering. Yet today, with all the advances in technology, the answer would be an immediate “yes.” More than 19 million LASIK surgeries have been performed in the US with an overall success rate greater than 99 percent.

If used correctly, contact lenses can be safe to use. However, if left in overnight or hygienic cleaning instructions are not followed properly, lenses can create problems in your eyes. If bacteria get under the lens, it can lead to infections or damage your cornea. This can result in a permanent scarring and a reduction of your vision.

Long-term users are also more likely to develop dry eyes. It is thought that the lenses affect the production of oil from the meibomian glands. Without enough oil in our tears, they evaporate too quickly causing dry eye.

The convenience factor

Which is more convenient? Contact lenses or LASIK? We’ll let you decide but remember that using contact lenses is an ongoing process. You have to make sure you always have a supply of lenses and solution. Remember to take them out at night. Go through the hygienic cleansing ritual. And always carry a pair of glasses with you, or extra lenses, just in case you lose a contact.

LASIK eliminates the need for any of that. The surgery makes changes to your eye, permanently fixing the root cause of your sight problem. After a 10 to 20-minute procedure, you will no longer need glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.

Still unsure about whether contact lenses or LASIK is the best choice for you? Book a free consultation with one of our vision specialists at Dello Russo Laser Vision.

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