The Long Term Effects Of Laser Eye Surgery

It is true, laser eye surgery is a relatively new procedure. In fact, the first treatments were carried out as little as 25 years ago. So what does this mean when we consider the long term effects of laser eye surgery?

A young procedure

Did you know that to-date, more than 30 million people have had laser eye surgery? The first treatments were a massive success and the procedure remains very popular. But for some, the fact that it hasn’t been around for a long time is concerning.

Of course, when we think about it like that, it’s clear that no one has had laser eye surgery for more than a quarter of a decade.

This generates a bit of a buzz around the long term effects of laser eye surgery. On one hand, we have plenty of studies and research papers prove how safe and effective laser eye surgery is over decades-long periods. And many CG models that show the changes laser surgery makes to the cornea are permanent.

But on the other hand, we can’t physically show how efficacious laser eye surgery is over a long term period simply because no one has had it for that long. The lack of living proof can be a sticking point.

LASIK word cloud. The Long Term Effects Of Laser Eye Surgery

Expert opinions

Leading ophthalmologic surgeons and practitioners around the world believe in effects and the long term benefits of laser eye surgery. They know that once reshapen, the cornea maintains its new contours. These experts, including Dr. Joseph Dello Russo and Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo, also know that only a very tiny percent of patients need an enhancement procedure after surgery.

The fact of the matter is that for the vast majority of people, the long term effects of laser eye surgery are 20/20 vision.

Laser eye surgery has fewer long term effects than contact lenses

And when it comes to the chance of complications, did you know that it’s far more likely that people using contact lenses to treat their vision are far more at risk?

Because laser eye surgery candidates face a rigorous screening process, only those whose eyes will respond well to laser eye surgery are offered the treatment. Despite such strict measures, around 92 percent of people are candidates.

In contrast, contact lenses aren’t tolerable by many people. This is not just a matter of preexisting conditions either, the FDA and other organizations recognize that contact lens wearers are at greater risk of infection.

To find out if you’re a candidate or to talk to a professional about the long term effects of laser eye surgery, get in touch with our expert team at Dello Russo Laser Vision today.

High success rates

In 2019, laser eye surgery success rates have never been higher and the rewards far outweigh the minimal risks. Boasting a more than 90 percent success rate, laser eye surgery is among the most efficacious procedures in medicine.

While we might have to wait another few years to see physical proof of the long term effects of laser eye surgery, waiting just doesn’t make sense. Laser eye surgery is a permanent, safe was to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.