How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon

Choosing a LASIK surgeon can seem overwhelming at first. These are your eyes, so you should find a LASIK surgeon you feel confident about. But do you know how to pick a LASIK surgeon that will be the right fit for you? The tips below can help steer you in the direction to find a LASIK surgeon that checks all your boxes.

How to Pick a LASIK Surgeon With the Right Qualifications

Want to know how to pick a LASIK surgeon? Begin by doing your research. Since we’re talking about surgery on your eyes, you’ll definitely want someone with the right qualifications. So what kind of qualifications should you be looking for in a LASIK eye surgeon?

First things first, you should look into your surgeon’s medical training. A LASIK surgeon will have gone through four years of college, four years of medical school, and a four-year residency. In addition, a LASIK surgeon will have had a one to two year internship during which they train in their surgical specialty. Make sure you see evidence of your LASIK surgeon’s training, as well as their medical license for practicing in your state.

Next, find a LASIK surgeon that’s board-certified by The American Board of Ophthalmology. Becoming board-certified requires passing a rigorous written exam as well as an oral exam, which goes beyond the minimum requirements for becoming a LASIK surgeon. It’s just another step that ensures your doctor has the knowledge and expertise to provide medical care you can trust.

Tips for Choosing a LASIK Surgeon: Qualifications Checklist

Look for the following qualifications:

  • Transparency about medical training and residencies
  • Clear evidence of a medical license
  • Board certification from The American Board of Ophthalmology

Choosing a LASIK Surgeon With Experience and Expertise

Once you’ve ascertained that potential LASIK surgeons are licensed and board-certified, it’s time to dig a little deeper. You should find a LASIK surgeon with significant experience. However, there’s also something to be said for finding a LASIK surgeon that makes you feel confident about the procedure they’ll perform. Choosing a LASIK surgeon you trust is an important part of making the process feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Start by looking at any prospective doctor’s years of experience. Choose a LASIK surgeon with ample experience performing LASIK who’s well-versed in the techniques and technology. When you’re trying to decide how to pick a LASIK surgeon, peruse their website. See if you find any evidence stating how many LASIK surgeries they’ve performed. Ideally, you’ll want someone who has performed at least 10,000 LASIK procedures. If you don’t see any numbers, make a note to ask during your consultation.

Next, look for information on the surgeon’s website about determining whether or not a patient is a candidate for LASIK. A good LASIK surgeon will be transparent about the fact that not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. Be wary of anyone claiming that anyone can get LASIK. Similarly, it should give you pause if you see a surgeon claiming that LASIK will provide perfect vision to every candidate. While LASIK is a wonderful option for many people and can absolutely improve your vision substantially, there are limitations.

Finally, get recommendations from people you trust. Start with your optometrist or your regular physician and see if they can make any recommendations or referrals. If you know people who have had LASIK or other laser eye surgeries recently, ask if they would recommend their surgeon. If they mention someone who’s already on your list, ask about their experience with the eye surgeon. Reading reviews may also provide insight about LASIK providers.

Tips for Choosing a LASIK Surgeon: Experience and Expertise Checklist

Before you speak to anyone in the office or set up a consultation, try to find information about:

  • How many years of experience the LASIK surgeon has
  • Techniques and/or technology used in the office
  • Who is and is not a good candidate for LASIK
  • Limitations in what LASIK can correct or provide
  • Recommendations from other doctors or people you trust

Questions to Ask During Your Initial Consultation

After you’ve determined that a LASIK surgeon has the qualifications, experience, and expertise you’re looking for, it’s time to schedule a consultation. If you want to know how to pick a LASIK surgeon, never underestimate the power of your own impression. Choosing a LASIK surgeon is personal. Even if they get rave reviews, keep looking if you don’t feel comfortable or confident talking to them.

Many LASIK providers offer initial consultations, which are often complimentary. This allows you to speak to someone in the office, ask a few questions, and generally get a feel for how that practice operates. This consultation may be in person, on the phone, or via video chat, depending on the practice and the circumstances.

When you schedule your consultation, make sure you feel comfortable throughout the process. You shouldn’t feel pressured to commit to scheduling a procedure, nor should you feel confused at the end of your consultation. The process should be smooth and helpful, and you should receive clear and honest information. After your consultation, you should feel informed and happy with the way you were treated.

Tips for Choosing a LASIK Surgeon: Consultation Questions

At your consultation, ask the following questions and ensure you’re satisfied with the answers you’re given.

  • Has this LASIK surgeon treated anyone with your vision diagnosis?
  • How many LASIK procedures has this surgeon performed and how many do they perform per week, on average?
  • How will the surgeon ensure that you’re a good candidate for LASIK?
  • What kind of pre-care and post-care does the practice or surgeon provide?
  • Does this surgeon provide traditional or bladeless LASIK, and why?
  • Does this surgeon offer custom LASIK procedures?
  • How is the cost of your procedure determined?

How to Pick a LASIK Surgeon: Should Price Matter?

Price is a consideration when it comes to choosing a LASIK surgeon, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. This is your sight we’re talking about, so this isn’t the time to go bargain-hunting. If you find a LASIK surgeon with a price significantly lower than others providers, you should be cautious.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with taking price into account during your search for the right LASIK surgeon. Even the most luxurious LASIK providers may offer discounts or seasonal programs that could save you money. Financing is also available at many providers. All other things being equal, the total price can play a part in your choice. Just ensure that price is not the main deciding factor.

Tips for Choosing a LASIK Surgeon: Pricing Checklist

When it’s time to find out the price for your procedure, get the following information:

  • Is pricing general, or is it based on each unique procedure
  • Are there discounts or financing programs available

Choosing a LASIK Surgeon That Offers What You Need

Ultimately, you’ll need to find a LASIK surgeon that can provide you with the procedure you need that will give you the best vision correction outcome possible. Your eyes are unique, which means your LASIK procedure should be personalized to you and your needs. You’ll get the best results by choosing a LASIK surgeon who is able to create a custom procedure that can address your precise vision diagnosis.

Additionally, while it might seem low on the list of must-haves, try to find a LASIK surgeon that is conveniently located for you. Since you’ll need to return to the office for checkups following your procedure, make sure the location is easily accessible. You can also find out if the LASIK surgeon you’re interested in performs LASIK in more than one practice.

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