LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery: What You Need To Know

Have you been considering taking the plunge and having corrective eye surgery to free yourself from glasses? Before you sign up for the procedure, you should make yourself familiar with what LASIK eye surgery recovery looks like.

How long is recovery from LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll check-in for your procedure the day of and return home afterward. Recovery time does vary from person to person, but many feel significant improvement in comfort the following day.

It’s important to know that your vision will be immediately improved post-surgery. The more severe your prescription initially was, the more you’ll notice the improvement. For those with lesser prescriptions, it may take a few more hours for you to really feel like the procedure’s made a difference.

A closeup of women eyes recovering after LASIK eye surgery

Though your eyes will see better immediately, and feel better shortly thereafter, the eye will continue to heal for several more weeks. Most patients can anticipate complete LASIK eye surgery recovery to take two to three months. For more severe corrections, allow up to six months for healing and know that a follow-up correction may be recommended.

What to expect after LASIK eye surgery?

Post-surgery, you’ll be fine to head on home to recover. It’s important you have someone available to bring you home from your appointment. Even if you won’t be taking a car, a second set of eyes can help your recovering ones make it safely home.

After surgery, it’s often recommended that you allow your eyes to rest for 10 or 15 minutes. They will be sensitive to light, and your eyes may water and be irritated. As the numbing drops wear off, you may also experience itching and discomfort. It’s important that you not rub or touch your eyes during this recovery time.

You’ll be sent home with some after-care items to help your eyes heal well. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotic drops, steroid drops, and lubricant drops for use during this time. It’s not unusual for your eyes to appear swollen or bloodshot during the initial LASIK eye surgery recovery.

What to do after LASIK eye surgery

After your procedure is over, there are a few things you can do to help minimize LASIK eye surgery recovery time and ensure correct healing. Avoid eye strain by staying away from fast-moving television shows and backlit screens. Keep the lights dim and avoid direct sunlight to give your eyes the time they need to heal.

These early days and weeks are crucial to getting the most out of your surgical procedure. For best results, always use the prescriptions you’ve brought home as your doctor has recommended. Keep your eyes well lubricated during this period as this helps promote appropriate healing.

What not to do after LASIK eye surgery

Your doctor will have detailed instructions for you on how to care for your eyes post-surgery. In general, though, you’ll want to stay away from full-contact sports, swimming, and bright light exposure. There may be additional restrictions on activities, and protective sunglasses should be worn when outside in windy conditions where irritants may find their way into your eyes.

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